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Up until last year, to deliver broadband to a home or office, you needed to have a traditional phone line installed and then ADSL Broadband or Fibre Broadband installed on top of it.

BT Openreach are now delivering a single order version of Fibre Broadband that means you do not have to install a traditional copper phone line to compliment the service. SOGEA includes an underlying version of a phone line. This is part of the closing of Digital & Analogue lines in 2025.

Benefits of SOGEA

  • Cheaper Costs – The combined cost of a phone line and broadband is more expensive than SOGEA
  • Quicker Fix Times – Faults can now be resolved much quicker since the business only needs to provide one support call to their provider for both voice & data.
  • Single Provider – Some Businesses use one provider for their phone line and another for their broadband, SOGEA negates more than one call.
  • Enables easier home working solutions – In 2020, having good connectivity at home has become more important than ever. SOGEA is quicker to install, and easier to manage.

The drawback to this service is that SOGEA users will no longer have access to a phone number. SOGEA does not allow users to connect a traditional phone to the BT Socket. Users will have to adopt VOIP to be able to make and receive phone calls which does have huge benefits that outweigh the above and numbers can easily be migrated to cloud services.

What Speeds are available with SOGEA Broadband?

Fibre connectivity speeds available now:

  • SOGEA 40MB / 10MB
  • SOGEA 80MB / 20MB
  • SOGFAST 160MB / 30MB
  • SOGFAST 330MB / 50MB

Is SOGEA different in performance than current Fibre (FTTC)?

No, you will receive a better performance as you currently do as no call traffic can interfere with integrity of the service as is a single ethernet line.

Where is SOGEA available?

SOGEA is only currently available where FTTC is, please ask us to check your area, cabinets are coming online everyday –

SOGEA Network