Mobile devices are a huge part of everyday life for personal use however they’re being used more and more by businesses, they can provide a lot of benefits to help improve customer service, collaboration and remote working.

Most companies have policies in place already on what their users can use their mobile devices for, however the line between personal and business use can become blurred; especially if you’re expected to have your work e-mail address on your mobile or your company operates a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy.

The reason this poses such a risk is that personal devices are severely unprotected when compared to a business device, within a business environment you have factors you can control with security measures in place, such as firewalls to keep attackers out, anti-spam measures to ensure no malicious e-mails are getting in, anti-virus etc.

This isn’t the only threat though, another danger of using your personal devices is that data can remain on the device even after it’s been deleted it still may be recoverable. This means that your personal and work data on the device you disposed of or sold could potentially be in the hands of another person even if the device has been wiped.

The EU has recognized the danger of personal devices in the workplace which is why they’re addressing the issue in their new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In case you haven’t heard about it already, GDPR is set to replace the old Data Protection Directive in May 2018. It brings with it a lot of changes to how data should be handled in the hopes that it will reduce the amount of data breaches we’re experiencing.

However, there’s a way to keep the devices protected as well as bring them up to scratch for GDPR meaning you can continue to use your devices for work, it’s called Mobile Device Management (MDM). Now there are a few different mobile device management solutions but they all perform the same core functions, they allow all your mobiles to be managed remotely in a single console.

Our preferred MDM solution is IBM MaaS360, it’s a great product with 4 different subscription options to fit any needs. It has many nice features, the main one being that it can make your device compliant with GDPR meaning even if your device was salvaged from a tip, they wouldn’t be able to get any of your important files.

Here’s is a bit more information about the 4 care levels, each level includes all the options in the levels above plus a few more features:

This is the most basic level of management they offer however it still provides a lot of control and is enough to be GDPR compliant.

  • Mobile Device Management – Allows you to control your mobiles from one central console, it offers reporting, so you know when one of your mobiles is out of compliance or requires attention.
  • Mobile Expense Management – Gives you the ability to cap your data, minutes or voice so that your employees never go over their bundles.
  • Mobile App Management – Allows you to blacklist or whitelist apps meaning you have more control over what your users can install.
  • Container App – They do this by creating an encrypted container in your phone and all works related apps, documents and e-mails are stored in the container.

The deluxe package adds in encrypted e-mail and instant messaging allowing your company to collaborate with ease.

  • Secure Mobile Mail – Encrypted e-mail and attachments to prevent data leaks, you can also force authentication and prevent forwarding or copy/pasting.
  • Secure Mobile Chat – Contains all corporate instant messages while enhancing on-the-go collaboration with quick connectivity.

Adds some extra security features such as content management, secure browser, application security and protected network access.

  • Secure Mobile Browser – Provides secure access to intranet sites and reduces the risk of accessing websites that might contain malware, violate company security policies, or compromise device security.
  • Gateway for Browser – Enables the browser to access intranet sites, web apps and network resources without a VPN.
  • Mobile Content Management – Contains documents and files to prevent data leaks, enforces authentication and provides access to content repositories such as SharePoint, Box, Google Drive and OneDrive.
  • Gateway for Documents – Secure access to internal files on SharePoint or windows file shares without a VPN.
  • Also includes – Mobile Identity Management, Gateway for Apps, Mobile Application Security.

This is the ultimate package for enterprise protection and productivity for your mobile workforce.

  • Mobile Document Editor – Create, edit and save content in a secure, encrypted container. This gives you the power to collaborate on Office documents and text files without losing out on functionality.
  • Mobile Document Sync – Synchronize users content across managed devices, you’re able to store the document locally or in the cloud.
  • Mobile Threat Management – Detect and analyse mobile malware or compromised devices with the ability to automatically remediate the issues.

These are the main features of Maas360, as you can see it’s a very powerful tool with a number of different advantages, we’d recommend this to any business that relies on remote workers especially with the new GDPR laws approaching.

If you would like to hear any more information regarding this or have some questions, then please get in contact with a member of the team.