We’re delighted to announce the arrival of Visual Voicemail on Vodafone. Now you can manage voicemails from your screen using a cellular connection – no need to dial the voicemail anymore.

With Visual Voicemail, you can:

  • Retrieve messages
  • Record and upload greetings
  • Save messages
  • Forward messages via email or MMS

When will it happen?

New Vodafone connections are provisioned straight away. Existing Vodafone connections will be provisioned over a 6-week period from October 2020 after that at random selections.


Who’s eligible?

  • Visual Voicemail is available for all Voice Business tariffs with some exclusions. Customers who have Mobile Broadband plans are not eligible.
  • Visual Voicemail is available for Apple products only, on iPhone 5S or newer, with iOS 12 and above.
  • Business customers must have SMS, data and voice services enabled, and their price plan must allow them to have full internet access.
  • Visual voicemail uses Vodafone WAP mobile data connection, so the customer must have data turned on to use it.

Customers with Android phones are not eligible for Visual Voicemail.

How will our clients know?

Vodafone will automatically provision all eligible connections – approximately 5 million connections! Eligible connections will receive a SMS advising that they can use Visual Voicemail, with a link including key information and FAQs. If a connection has an eligible handset, but their software is out of date, they will receive a message recommending that they update.

Other information

  • All data traffic used by Visual Voicemail has been zero-rated at no cost.
  • Connections will still require a Voicemail PIN before roaming.
  • The short dial codes to activate/de-activate/make changes to voicemail will remain the same.

Specific to Solution Consultants

  • New eligible Vodafone connections will receive VVM as standard.
  • Our existing Vodafone connections will be updated by the end of October.
  • We cannot expedite this, Clients will need to wait for the service to be added at the Network by Vodafone.
  • When added our clients will receive an SMS explaining the features.

We cannot add or remove VVM, it is in your control via your handset.