Optical fiber picture with details and light effects.


It’s a world ever changing – even more so in the technical world, so how do you keep up with these changes and make sure that your company and your employees are better connected at all times? Here we look at our ‘top of the list’ ways to improve your business connectivity.


Cloud Computing:

An easy, scalable, cost effective solution for any eventuality would be ‘Cloud Computing’ In particular (SaaS) Software-as-a-Service enables your staff to run their normal working environment wherever they need to work from on whatever device they are running. Storage of business essential data and applications on the Web has rapidly grown in popularity over the last few years. The attraction is clear. Being scalable means you can use ‘The Cloud’ as much or as little as you need to at any given time, increasing in times of adverse conditions and decreasing as conditions ‘normalise’. The advantage is you will only pay for what you use. The solution allows you to ensure everything in your IT mainframe can be accessed at any time, from any remote device over an internet connection. The end result for workers is exactly the same as being sat in the office tied to your desk until 5.30 however with cloud computing and an online connection you can work anywhere from your home office to the local coffee shop. Which leads me to my next point quite nicely……….



A ‘Hotspot’ works much the same as a wireless connection you would have in your home. A wireless access point communicates with computers and other Wi-Fi devices using radio signals and connects with just about any laptop, tablet or smartphone. Most places you visit now will offer this kind of service, from restaurants and pubs to hospitals and hotels. Many have a landing page that you will be directed to in order to gain access to the Hotspot, it will usually ask you for a small amount of personal data from you ie a working email address – and then hey presto free Wifi (well most of the time!) You can also create your own personal hotspot from your phone……..again a nice lead on………


Mobile Connection:

There are so many tariffs available today to choose from, most business connections will come with some sort of data package unless specified and it is important that you make sure the tariff you choose will enable you to do everything you need anywhere you need to do it without having those unwelcome phone bills at the end of the month! Roamed usage is the biggest shocker for most businesses, we find this is simply overcome by making sure our customers all are covered by roaming packages – any supplier worth their weight should be doing the same thing! Another thing worth considering is your data package – it comes so cheaply these days so why would you not make the most of your money? You can create personal hotspots from your mobile device – the only thing you require is either a 3G or 4G connection and enough data to make sure you don’t get charged! Voila………the world of outdoor working at the click of a button – you’re welcome!!


Hosted telephone systems:

Hosted solutions for telephony let employees work from their home, a hotel or on their mobile phone while still being connected to the same office telephone system. Just like a static telephone system, you can transfer callers, put them on hold with music and even set up conference calls.


Broadband Speeds:

Of course the technology world is moving at an exponential rate but it all really boils down to one HUGE factor – connection speeds. Whether this be mobile or static it is imperative you have the best connection for your company to ensure everyone can work to their maximum capability at all times. Slow connection = less output………we all know its not rocket science, but how do you know which is the best? Wel we have tried to make it as simple as possible – take a look at our previous post here

Whilst it may seem that this is old news, it is surprising how many companies are still not using the technology available to them, technology that will not only boost their employees productivity but also enables the work life balance that is so very rarely found. In my humble opinion a happy worker is a harder worker and harder workers secure a companies future.

If you are not sure how this technology can help your company or indeed just want to make sure what you have is the best fit then this is where we come in. Solution Consultants will always carry out a full audit and discussion to make sure that your company requirements are all met by the best technology available to you. We can make sure you are never offline and your employees can work anywhere, anytime.


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