Simple but effective, our audit analyses all current services including Maintenance, lines, calls,data & Utilities. Finding out exactly what your paying for, and whether you need it, can help save hundreds of pounds a year.

It is a two stage process which starts with an assessment and analysis of your current costs followed by a comprehensive report that identifies saving opportunities.

Solution Consultants will then implement the changes and manage the entire process, on a free basis unlike most consultants, and help you lower the cost of doing business.

Our specialists have wide ranging industry knowledge and experience. That knowledge is further reinforced by a vast knowledge bank and strong supplier relationships.

All of which means we are perfectly placed to provide cost and purchase audits across the full spectrum of communications and utility services, to organisations of all types and sizes.

Solution Consultants can quickly become an outsourced member of a client’s management team and we take great pride in finding the best possible cost and purchase management solutions for them: solutions that are not simply quick, short-term wins, but are both ethical and sustainable.