business_utilitiesSolution Consultants sister company Energy Procurement exist to provide affordable business energy solutions such as Gas, Electricity, Oil, LPG and Renewables to businesses nationwide.

Believe it or not, you do not have to purchase your commercial Gas and Electricity, along with other Business Utility services, directly from the big players. Energy Procurement have employed our negotiating and contracting experience to broker deals that allow us to provide a more affordable option for your business utilities.

Essentially, as specialist business energy brokers, we have increased buying power.

We get competitive pricing on the utility and we pass on that benefit to our clients. You needn’t worry about support and administration either, as an Energy Procurement client you will receive unrivalled customer support; we ensure you are looked after. Should any issues arise, we take on the responsibility, simple! In essence you receive a far more personable service than you would from those big players – a true business energy solution.

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