Did you know texting, also known as SMS (Short Message Service) is the most widely used data application globally? With 2.4 billion active SMS users, the business and marketing possibilities are endless!
Solution Consultants is an SMS provider for media and businesses. We offer cutting edge SMS marketing and provide a fully managed service requiring no external development with dedicated account access via a secure web login.

An example of services we have provided include;

  • Votes
  • Quizzes
  • Hi or low unique auctions
  • Database builders (simple pull series)
  • Outbound SMS broadcast
  • Inbound MMS – video, images, audio
  • Media content ordering, delivery and billing
  • SMS forwarding
  • Voucher promotion
  • Subscription series management*
  • SMS messages to mobiles via an application
*(Interactive online SMS tool allows you to design and monitor SMS campaigns.)

Short codes are memorable numbers customers use to send texts such as responding to a promotion or registering interest in a product. This is highly effective in engaging prospects and generating immediate sales leads.

Premium rate SMS marketing used by an increasing number of businesses to strengthen their promotional mix. Lower deployment cost and fast delivery make this SMS and MMS perfect for time sensitive marketing promotions.