A number that knows no bounds…

business_non_geographic_numbersLocal rate, Non Geographic, 08UK – whichever option you choose you can benefit from branding opportunities whatever your size of business.

The list below shows the different possibilities local rate numbers can give
  • 03 same cost as 01/02 numbers
  • 0800 for Freephone Numbers
  • 0808 for Freephone Numbers
  • 0844 for Flexible Call Rates
  • 0845 for Local Rate Numbers
  • 0870 for National Rate Numbers
  • 0871 for Flexible call Rates
  • 09 for Premium Rate Numbers
  • 01/02 for a local presence

Local rate numbers non geographic

Call routing is ideal for national multi-site companies. With so many options to choose from call routing can be a very powerful aid to your sales team or support services. No phone system is required & sophisticated routing can be arranged easily. Options include:
  • Find Local Branch
  • Geographical/National
  • Over Flow Routing
  • Pin access – Dial Plan
  • Local Area Routing
  • Bespoke Plan
  • DR Routing
  • Voice Activated