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Hosted Call Handling

Achieve maximum control and productivity with our scalable solutions

The success of most businesses depends on them retaining satisfied customers. So when customers make contact, it’s critical their experience is always a positive one. However, many organisations’ systems and processes often compromise their ability to deliver consistency or excellence. With Solution Consultant’s hosted telephone solutions, businesses can treat each customer call type differently, even anticipating and appropriately delivering each caller’s enquiry to ensure they are dealt with as efficiently as possible and ensuring the highest levels of customer service. This is just one example of the many benefits our Hosted Call Handling Solutions can provide.

A great customer experience

Choosing our call-recording option to monitor staff performance, or personalising your welcome messages all help to ensure your customer’s experience is a positive one. Remember, a positive customer is a repeat customer.

Quick and effortless integration

And don’t forget because our call handling solutions are cloud-based they can be integrated seamlessly into your current system. There’s no need to incur additional expense for extra kit or to suffer down-time for set-up.

You don’t need to be an expert

Whatever call handling option you choose, you remain in control with our easy-to-use and secure online management portal. You can quickly make operational changes in real time. But, if at any time you’re unsure, our friendly expert team of engineers and your own account manager are always on hand to help.

Transforming global talk into local talk with Call Conferencing

Connecting with a geographically remote colleague and client base is a challenge. And an even bigger challenge when so many people work remotely from the office. But there’s a solution: Call Conferencing solutions from Solution Consultants. Whatever your size, wherever you are and whenever you need to talk, Audio Conferencing brings your global office home and helps you rediscover meaningful and collaborative communication, to show those who matter, you care. Here’s how … Just choose one of our safe and secure Call Conferencing services, either

Pay as you go:

Includes all standard Call Conferencing features with no shortcuts on quality. Try it now on 0844 858 7070 PIN make your own Advanced: benefits from premium Call Conferencing features so you can manage large conferences or …


The optimum call conferencing service, tailored precisely to your needs. All you’ve come to expect from Audio Conference and more: •Save on time with quick and easy set-up – just dial in and create your PIN •Save money – call from anywhere without internet connection •Never miss out – create ‘on the fly’ events to respond to urgent business •Improve performance and customer satisfaction – record and retrieve events •Personalise your conferences – create bespoke call introductions for everyone And that’s not all … Additional benefits from our feature-rich advanced service let you: •Use sophisticated in-call options, such as Conference functions for Q&A sessions •Plan your conferences as you would schedule your normal meetings •Manage your caller access levels with individual caller profiles •Store your contacts and email invitations inside the management portal •Use multiple access numbers to suit your mobile and international callers So, from board meeting to idea storming, from staff briefing to client greeting, it’s reassuring to know that Audio Call Conferencing from Solution Consultants has the answer. Show those who matter, you care.

Queue Manager: Call Queuing in the Cloud

How do you feel when you’re kept waiting, hanging on the end of the line, not knowing what’s going on? Perhaps you just hang up. But it’s frustrating to lose business just because your capacity to answer calls effectively, or at all, is overwhelmed by traffic volume. That’s why we’ve created Queue Manager, probably the most comprehensive network-based call queuing product available today.

With customisable controls for real-time monitoring and the power to change setting instantly, Queue Manager guarantees you’ll never lose control, a call or a customer.

Queue Manager works either as a stand-alone call queuing product or with your current PBX. It’s a cost-effective call queuing solution, which is ready to operate in minutes. You don’t pay for more operators or more lines. Instead, you quickly improve your call handling capacity and efficiency. Plus, you can easily enhance your service with a host of options, including …

Customisable on-hold music and comfort and call queuing position messages
Breakout, allowing your callers to leave messages
Multiple distribution including waiting and ratio plans – all with configurable working hours
Real time queue information for wall boards
Real time historical and management reports
Comprehensive call recording options
Agent or group-based call delivery
What’s more, when call queuing is used in conjunction with our IVR builder, you can access overflow and disaster recovery options to create solutions to meet even your most demanding requirements. For instance, you can deliver your callers to multiple queues, which can then be routed through to multiple contact centres and agent groups. You ensure your callers receive the best possible customer service.

But if you prefer a call queuing solution that’s tailor-made precisely to your needs, that’s not a problem. We supply a host of satisfied customers with bespoke call queuing solutions and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

Call recording is an integral part of all Solution Consultant’s solutions, including number translation, call conferencing and our secure payment services.

There are many reasons why you might want to record a telephone conversation, from regulatory requirements to monitoring your call handlers and identifying training issues. It’s perfectly legal to do so as long as ‘every reasonable effort is made to inform all parties to a telephone conversation that it may or will be recorded’.

Key features

• Store call recordings in our online portal for easy retrieval and playback
• Record all your calls or just a pre-determined percentage
• ‘Record on demand’ to stop and start recording during a call
• Archive calls – we can do this for you or transfer them to your systems via FTP
• Search for calls by dialled number, caller’s number, date etc
• Download or play back recordings and flag with comments or ratings
• Encrypt your recordings if additional security is required

Managing Call Recordings

When stored on our hosted platform, you can search recordings using a range of search criteria: dialled number, caller’s number, date and time. Recordings can be played from within the system or downloaded. Alternatively, they can be emailed automatically to a designated address or sent via FTP to your own servers.
Recordings can be stored for up to six years. The first year is free of charge.

Record On Demand

This allows you to toggle a recording on and off during a call. The recording can start ‘on’, and then turned ‘off’ if no longer required. Alternatively, you can start recording set to ‘off’ and then switch it ‘on’ when required. It can also be set to start automatically, and the recording stored either during or after the call, if this option is specifically selected.

Outbound Recording

Not only can all received calls be recorded, but if you currently use BT as your telecoms provider, you can record outbound calls made from your premises by using our IDA (Indirect Access Number) to route automatically via our hosted platform. This allows you to maintain all your call recordings in one single and secure location.

Despite the many technological advances of the last few years, the reality is that for some organisations, sending or receiving faxes is still very much a day to day requirement. Solution Consultant’s inbound and outbound Fax services bring facsimile technology bang up to date, making communication by fax as easy as communication by email. If your business, like many others, still needs to send or receive faxes – but wants a more efficient and cost effective method, then Solution Consultant’s Fax Services Engine is the answer.

Key Features

Use your normal email client to send and receive faxes. Use any non-geographic number to receive faxes, including 0800, 0844, 03xx or 01/02. Administer your fax accounts online via our easy to use Fax Engine management portal. Manage separate fax numbers for different individuals or departments. Receive emailed delivery reports and view activity reports online. Send faxes to up to 50 different destinations with a single email. Includes security and fraud prevention features.

Simple management

All aspects of the fax services platform can be managed online via our simple and secure web-based Fax Engine management portal. This allows you to set up fax services accounts for individuals or departments, with service features such as incoming email addresses, retry policies, fax header information and so on. Once the set up is completed, then sending and receiving faxes is as simple as sending or receiving an email. The management portal also enables you to view reports online for both sent and received faxes.

Receiving Fax Services

Faxes are delivered to an email Inbox as an email message with a PDF attachment. You can have as many fax numbers as you require – from one company-wide number, to one for each department or even one for each staff member. When a fax is received it can be managed in the same way as any other email, allowing you to print or forward the document, or save it for later use.

Sending Fax Services

To send a fax, first create the document as you would normally, and attach it to a new email message. You can then send this message in the same was as you would any other email – to just one address or up to 50 addresses. To create each ‘address’, enter the fax number in the ‘To’ field, followed by – e.g. – and then click ‘Send’ as normal. Once the email is received by the Fax Engine, the attachment will be delivered to the number or numbers, and you will be sent a delivery report via email.

Security and Fraud Prevention

The Fax Engine will only send a fax when the email address it originates from is one which is registered with the system. This is done via the secure Fax Engine management portal as part of the fax account set up process, allowing you to register individual email addresses or to allow everyone within your organisation to use the system. You also have the option to apply an additional level of security by specifying a password during the fax account set up process. This then needs to be included in the subject line of the outgoing email, which ensures that non-authorised staff cannot send faxes via the system.

Non-Geographic phone numbers

We supply a full range of UK and international non-geographic phone numbers. Whatever the size or nature of your business, we have a phone number suitable for you.
With thousands of phone numbers to choose from, you can be certain to find memorable phone numbers that will soon become associated with your business and which will be instantly recognisable to your callers. Any number you choose can be redirected to your existing or future landlines or mobiles, so your callers always find you, even if you move.

Quick and easy set-up

There’s no time consuming installation, nor is there any need for expensive hardware or software. All phone numbers can be set up and activated promptly. What’s more, you can add our full range of Call Management solutions to giving you full control of your call operations with feature-rich functionality. From Call Queuing to Call Recording, you can add value and an improved quality of customer care to all your numbers and call management services.
Which phone number is right for you?

0800 and 0808 Freephone numbers

Calls to these phone numbers are free when made from landlines. They are a great way to give your business a national identity and attract new customers. Your callers will know they are valued, simply because their calls to you are free. In fact, research from IDM shows that using 0800 and 0808 phone numbers increase enquiries by as much as 185%. Presently, mobile operators charge for such calls, but current proposals by OFCOM suggest that 0800 calls from mobiles will soon be free.

0333 numbers

These calls are charged at the same rate as standard UK 01 and 02 geographic phone numbers, unless included free in bundles from landline operators. And unlike 0800/08 phone numbers, they are often also free in mobile inclusive minute packages. So, with mobile phones being our preferred way of calling, it makes perfect sense to opt for 0333 numbers. Increasingly popular with business, these phone numbers allow you to raise your profile with a national identity.

0300 numbers

These are for the exclusive use of public sector organisations and charities. As such they are widely trusted and instantly associated with various organisations. Calls are charged at the same rate as standard UK geographic 01 and 02 phone numbers, or are free when included in inclusive minute packages from landline and mobile operators.

01 and 02 city codes

Virtual area code phone numbers are available for most UK towns and cities. They are an invaluable marketing tool to expand your business in a particular area. They provide you with a local presence without any need for a landline, and have proved an invaluable marketing tool to expand your business in a particular area. People trust local numbers, they’re familiar with them, they understand the call charges and often prefer to deal with a locally based business or service. Calls are charged at local or national rate.

0845 numbers

Unlike city codes, these phone numbers are a useful way to hide your location, so you can generate business nationwide. And because they are often used by larger organisations, they can make your business appear bigger than it perhaps is, meaning you can enjoy a larger and more lucrative market-place presence. They are user-friendly since they can be called from most countries and are free when included in bundles. If you don’t want to pay for incoming calls, they are ideal. In fact, they have proved very popular with after sales helplines, where a revenue share can help subsidies such services.

0843 and 0844 numbers

Still ever popular, especially in customer service lines, we can provide these phone numbers at 1p and 5p when called from a landline. With earnings available from increased revenue shares, these phone numbers are a cost-saving way to finance your service helplines, although mobile operators may apply a surcharge.

0871 and 0872 numbers

With caller charges from 6p to 10p, you can earn significant amounts from greater revenue shares. If your business is one where callers expect to pay higher charges, then these phone numbers might be suitable for you. Please remember that restrictions apply. For instance, a time limit applies when callers are being queued. Our Call Queuing solution, however, can deal with this. Some operators, especially mobile providers, add a surcharge for calls.

International city codes

We provide area codes for a multitude of international towns and cities. Using these phone numbers can give your business a virtual international presence, without incurring the expense of a physical office or landline. Your callers pay a standard local or national call charge. Inbound charges apply to calls received, with rates specific to each location.

International Freephone numbers

We provide phone numbers for many countries. Like international city codes, Freephone numbers are a great boost for your international marketing campaigns. And because calls are free, your callers won’t be deterred from calling you. Again, your presence abroad is virtual, not real. Calls from landlines are free, but mobile operators may charge. Inbound call charges apply, with rates specific to each location.
All phone numbers can benefit from our cloud-based call management solutions, which fit seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. Whether you’re after online stats, queuing, call recording or even PCI-DSS compliance, we have a solution that’s right for you.

We know it’s important that your customers get through to the right department quickly and with the minimum of fuss. After all it’s vital for your business that their call experience is a positive one. The why Solution Consultants have developed Virtual Receptionist.

The Complete Solution

Combined with our complete suite of call routing solutions, including virtual queuing, voice mail, number cloning, call recording and working hour configuration, Virtual Receptionist is probably one of the most feature-rich and functional cloud-based services available today.

Full flexibility with fantastic options

Virtual Receptionist guides your callers through a series of personalised menu options. Once an option is selected, calls can be routed through via agent hunt groups, a queue or directly through your PBX. And because your calls are routed through our flexible Number Translation Services, you’ll benefit from yet another layer of options including missed call alerts, comfort and whisper messages. You decide on the exact routing option. Your options are only limited by your imagination.


Using our straightforward online service builder, Virtual Receptionist lets you create customised multi-level menus with personalised customer messages. And with our popular Scheduling service, you can create as many menus as you like. These can be used at different times of the day and week.
A Normal Working Hours service allows you to utilise all your agents, whilst a reduced service can be used at weekends or bank holidays. You can maximise your staff resources and reduce costs through more efficient routing and service level management.

And to make sure we’ve covered everything, we’ve included a Special Schedule for disaster recovery. You can instantly change from your normal menu system to a customised pre-built solution so your calls are safely re-routed and you don’t suffer loss.

Sensible options that have been designed with you in mind mean Virtual Receptionist will improve your productivity and efficiency in managing your customers’ calls.

Complete control: manage your calls and deliver great customer service
Our easy to use and secure management portal lets you quickly make operational changes in real time. You can also view real-time statistics and detailed summary reports to get a complete picture of your callers’ experience: IVR selections, queuing time, agent performance … provide all you need to ensure efficient management and quality customer care.

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