Mobile Product Overview


Mobile working is fast becoming the norm for thousands of UK businesses. Three quarters of employees now favour flexible working in some form. At Solution Consultants we recognise how important mobile working is to your business, and we understand the challenges you face when choosing a business mobile supplier. Because of this, our offering is designed to help our customers manage their mobile estate easily, keep control of costs and avoid those unexpected bill shocks.

Our mobile proposition is based around the following key areas:

Flexible Tariffs & Multi-Network Solutions

We can provide a wide range of tariffs, allowing us to find the right fit for every customer, every time. We are able to create the right tariff fit for your business, whether you require low user options with small data bundles, or bundles for heavy data usage. Where your usage changes, we are able to adapt our offering to continually fit your profile.
We are partnered with Vodafone, O2, and EE, allowing us to provide you with a multi-network contract on one bill, all managed by our support team.

Alerting & Reporting

Solution Consultants provide a wide range of cost control options for you to minimise the risk of bill shock including:
Email Alerting – Alerts can be sent to any email based on spend, MB usage, Bundle usage and number called. Multiple alerts will be sent during the month if you require regular monitors in place
Automatic Barring – Bars can be placed automatically when specific parameters are breached. We can remove the bars if you wish
Mobile Bill Limits – Our solution allows us to offer bill limits to customers as per Ofcom regulations, to prevent bill shock
Spend Reports – Customers have access to historic and unbilled spend reports, these can be sent directly or accessed via the Web Portal

Web Portal

Solution Consultants provide all of our customers with a Web Portal with the following reporting, alerting, and Self-Care features:
Charge and Invoice Summary – You can log on and review historic costs and invoices, as well as unbilled charges for the month
Mobile Self-Care – You can use the Web Portal to add and remove service bars, carry out sim swaps, and generate PUK codes
Alerting – You can use the Web Portal to create your own alerts and automatic bars
Reporting – You can access a wide range of reports, and create bespoke reports

With Solution Consultants experienced mobile support team, we can have you moved across and saving money in no time!