About Us

Solution Consultants is a leading UK based Telecoms, IT and Utility Business whose focus is the supply of a full range of traditional and emerging related products and services to businesses. Our business high speed internet, voice, data, IT and utility product portfolio bring together proven and scalable products that deliver improved service, reduce costs and increase operational efficiency for SME and corporate clients throughout the UK.

We have over 40 years experience of providing Bespoke Business Broadband, Telecoms, IT and Utility solutions across all products to a broad range of sectors including financial, construction, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, leisure and legal services. Combined with longstanding world-class partnerships, our experience is unparalleled.

We are committed to delivering solutions that enable businesses to fully harness the substantial competitive advantages provided by using an independent supplier for all their communications, data, IT and business utility services.
Our services fall into the below areas which can be all managed and converged into one bill :-