The Customer

Setfords solicitors are one of the UK’s fastest growing legal practices and have built an innovative business model that has disrupted the staid and steady world of solicitors.

Communication is at the heart of their business model and has been the key to them winning and retaining customers.

Setfords Solicitors

The Challenge

Setfords work with solicitors across the UK, the majority of whom work from home or a remote office location. Setfords required a communication system that could easily support remote workers and also help them to meet the continuing demand for adding many new remote workers each month.

Setfords faced a number of major pain points with their current solution:

  • Constraints placed on the number of remote workers they could support and the use of VPN for access
  • Office staff struggled to support remote workers without visibility of their presence and status
  • New users being added meant significant cost, resource and inconvenience
  • Cost control was an important factor as remote workers call costs need to be reduced

Reliability of their communications was key as customers needed to trust and have positive experiences with the innovative new way in which Setfords were delivering legal services

The Solution

The solution built was based on Ericsson-LG iPECS technology combined with SIP trunk network connectivity.

The core system is an iPECS 600 ensuring significant room for growth as they add many new users each month. Ericsson-LG iPECS LIP 8012E handsets were deployed for all users providing a simple and intuitive featuresetand most importantly easy remote connection without the need for VPN. Each handset was paired with an office based reception enabling additional support for each remote worker. The office reception used iPECS IP Attendant console providing full on screen control and presence.

This has enabled them to unlock the potential in their business and helped them to scale to achieve the growth.

Key Features

iPECS 600
•3 VOIM 24 -2 running Gamma SIP and 1 voice flex
•260 DDI
•IP Attendant
•55 local IP phones 8012
•175 remote workers using 8012
•Two DDI -1 direct on remote phone and 1 to centralised receptionist using ACD call queuing