Royal Jersey Laundry

The Customer:

Royal Jersey is a commercial laundry operating seven days a week servicing the laundry requirements of some of the very finest 5* Hotels in London and the home counties. With a customer base of fewer than 100 luxury hotels and spa’s whose businesses are focused on delivering a world-class guest experience to a very discerning, transient audience of international clients.

The Challenge:

Royal Jersey came to us as they were unhappy with the rising costs of their previous supplier, we already supplied and manage their hosted phone system and were happy with the customer service we provided so they came to us to bring their IT services under our support as well.

They were looking for a company that’s able to support their large warehouse, office computers, servers and WiFi. Their host server on-site runs a Domain Controller and Exchange server as virtual machines, they’re protected by a SonicWALL firewall which protects their local network.

Our first step was to gather information on what services they’re currently being provided; when they expire as well as any services that they’d like but aren’t being provided currently. To accomplish this, we did a site survey and inspected all their computer systems, from this we were able to obtain all the information required to move ahead with the project. This is always a vital part of the migration process as we wouldn’t want the customer to pay for a service that isn’t required. A perfect example of this would be their anti-virus which we found out is licenced for another year, because they’re already protected we wouldn’t advise replacing it until it’s ran out to avoid the unnecessary costs.

Once we found out their network information, we arranged with the customer a date at which we will start the support to allow us time to get everything ready. During the period before our support started, we were in contact with the previous company and gathered all the records that they had relating to Royal Jersey Laundry to ensure that we have as much information on the client as possible.

The Solution:

During our first week of supporting Royal Jersey, they mentioned that they’re receiving a lot of spam e-mails. I did a check on their DNS records and can see that there was no anti-spam filter in-place, I also saw that there was no SPF record which helps stop spammers from impersonating your e-mail.

After setting up a working SPF record, we got to work on implementing the anti-spam filter. Royal Jersey had asked for us to setup a low-cost anti-spam filter that would allow for daily reports to be generated. We searched for a solution that meets their required spec, after testing it internally and ensuring that it’s a good product we set it up for Royal Jersey Laundry. We turned off the filtering and changed the DNS records to point to our anti-spam filter, once we were able to confirm mail is flowing correctly, we created a user guide to be sent out to all the staff before finally turning on the filter.

We’ve been monitoring it since it’s been activated to pro-actively release any falsely flagged e-mails as well as white-list any important contacts. Solution Consultants will continue to support Royal Jersey Laundry with their day-to-day IT issues as well as assist on any projects they have upcoming in the future.