Public Wi-Fi

Solution Consultants help The Peacock Hotel, to provide Public Wi-Fi to Guests & Delegates – Free of charge

Luxuriously furnished hotel in the historic town of Kenilworth set in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside, yet only 15 minutes from Birmingham International Airport and the NEC.

The hotel has acquired an excellent reputation among tourists and corporate customers.

Themed in a vibrant and colourful decor, The Peacock Townhouse hotel offers attractive award-winning accommodation facilities and cuisine with outstanding service.

Kumar, Landlord commented:“I have worked with Solution Consultants for many years across all our hotels in Warwickshire. Our current Wi-Fi had no measurement tools so we were unable to market to clients & guest who use our services, Solution Consultants migrated all with ease and we now offer free Wi-Fi to our guest with a great experience, we get analytics with an easy login page & branded welcome page. Our lines, Broadband are now all managed centrally by Solution Consultants with very good rates too, the great bit also is one number for all my IT, Telecom & Utilities

Wi-Fi for Hotels

Hotel customers expect Internet as standard these days, capturing data on your customers will allow you to target them much more effectively. Perhaps a spa discount for the girls weekend away? Perhaps a gym pass for the stag do? Or a restaurant voucher for the businessman? More data means more options for you.

It’s a reflection of just how indispensable the internet has become in our lives. It also shows how frustrating it is for hotels guests when they don’t get internet access, or have to pay for it.

When you consider the value that Social Wi-Fi can deliver it’s amazing that any hotels still think charging for Wi-Fi makes sense.

Making free Wi-Fi pay for itself

When people stay in your hotel you have a captive audience for the night. They already think you are great for providing free Wi-Fi, so will be happy to receive messages from you and share them with their friends and colleagues.

Wi-Fi provides hotels with the following:

  • Potential interaction from guests over many hours allowing you to upsell during their stay, such as:
  • Offering drinks or meal promotions in your bar or restaurant
    Offering vouchers for future repeat stays
  • Offering vouchers at local businesses (e.g. attractions) in exchange for advertising fees
    Reminding guests to promote your property to their friends and to leave reviews on Trip Advisor
  • Highly valued service when people stay away from home, either on business or pleasure, so making it a more attractive place to stay.

Most accommodation providers generate more than 50% of their business from repeat guests. Wi-Fi gives you the opportunity to communicate with everyone who uses your Wi-Fi long after their stay. Send offers and details of local events to entice your customers to come and stay more often

Getting Started

Using Wi-Fi in your hotel is as easy as making a bed. We provide Wi-Fi access points which plugs into your existing broadband and you’re almost done. We supply you with free landing page, Facebook or Trip adviser logins as well all included.

It costs much less per month than the price of one night stay and provides huge potential to increase revenues.

The bar or restaurant area of hotels can normally be covered by just one Wi-Fi access point, so keeping your costs to a minimum. Hotels can often struggle to provide a good free Wi-Fi signal throughout the property, but we have highly cost-effective solutions that provides an excellent signal throughout the building without expensive upfront costs. So whether you have one hotel, a group of hotels, we have the right solution for you.

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