Ofcom are making changes to provide more clarity on how much it costs to call Non geographic numbers and will affect any organisation that uses 084x, 087x, 09 or 118 services.

  • Calls to 080 and 116 numbers will be free from both landline and mobile phones.
  • The cost of calling 084x, 087x, 09 and 118 numbers will be split into two clear parts
  • An Access charge: This part of the call charge will be set by the phone company that the person calling the end user business uses to make outbound calls and is a per minute charge.
  • A Service charge: This is the remaining part of the call charge which is set by the Network Range Holder on a per minute basis depending upon the Non Geographic number type being used.

It is generally expected that the Service Charge element will increase however we are waiting for final confirmation from the Network Operators.

As mobile operators are no longer able to charge their customers for calling 0800 numbers, we expect the cost of receiving calls on 0800 numbers to increase accordingly.

From the summer of 2015 end users will be required to advertise the cost of calling their non-geographic number(s) in accordance with the regulations set out by Ofcom, PhonePayPlus and the Advertising Standards Agency. This should take the form, “Calls cost xxp per minute plus your telephone company’s access charge”

Pricing information next to telephone numbers on any advertising, promotional material and communications must be in place from the date of the change, which is set for the 1st July 2015. It is recommended that all companies review their materials and advertising and wherever they advertise or promote 084x or 087x numbers to ensure that the Service Charge is clearly displayed. The example provided above is considered to be compliant but we recommend businesses seek their own advice from the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) at

Final pricing information and advice will be available once it has been released by the Network Operators.

In the meantime if you wish to review the changes in more detail we can recommend the following website

As always if you have any further queries on this or any of your telecom needs please call our team on 03453373838