Office 365 - Microsoft 365

The latest update to Microsoft 365 was released on 3 January, and regular users of this versatile software suite will no doubt be interested to learn what’s new in this version. Below we’ve listed some of the latest features that improve the scope of the software and make it easier to use than ever before.

For the full list of updates, please see the video:

Captions and subtitles for PowerPoint

Microsoft’s new feature for PowerPoint means that presentations will become much more inclusive and accessible than ever before. You can now add live captions and subtitles generated by artificial intelligence within the software. You can access this new feature from the slide show menu, the subtitle options will allow even the hard of hearing to easily comprehend your presentation. It even has a real-time translation function to allow viewers who are not fluent in your language to understand the presentation.

Acronyms made easy

Corporate lingo can be hard to understand and quite daunting, especially if you’re not an expert in that industry. Using Microsoft Graph Technology, Microsoft 365 can suggest likely definitions for the acronyms within your documents to help effortlessly decipher them.

Dark Mode for Mac

Microsoft have released a new look for Macs. Dark mode gives your software a toned-down appearance for an attractive look and is ideal to use in low lighting.

A Fresh Outlook

The iOS version of Outlook as been re-designed with usability and efficiency in mind. Content takes precedence over headers and controls in this latest version.

Updates to Microsoft Bookings

The Microsoft Bookings tool is used to manage and organise appointments within a company. The latest improvements make it more customisable and easier to use than ever before. It now also integrates with the bookings mobile app making it easy to use on the go.

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