IT Hardware

A poor IT infrastructure can cause nothing but issues, issues that take time and money to resolve. Here at Solution Consultants we believe that getting a strong underlying IT infrastructure is essential to any business to ensure they’re able to deliver a high quality of service to their customers and to support their users as they perform their day-to-day tasks.

Solution Consultants have partnered with global manufacturers to allow us to offer high quality IT hardware. This means we’re able to offer a wide range of products from leading brands of computers, servers, networking equipment, storage solutions, printers, peripherals  and more.

If you’re unsure of what you need then speak to one of our accredited team members, we’re able to offer you advice on what IT hardware would be right for the job.

Server - IT Hardware


We hold strong relationships with leading vendors of IT hardware, enabling us access to the latest technologies and allowing us to provide reliable tower, rack and blade servers for a competitive price.

Whether you’re a small business looking for advice on purchasing your first server or a large enterprise adding another to your cabinet, Solution Consultants can accommodate your needs.

Computer - IT Hardware

Computers, Laptops and Tablets

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers everything they could need because we know when you buy a new computer you’re going to need anti-virus, peripherals, Office etc. We give our customers piece of mind knowing they can purchase everything through one single vendor.

At Solution Consultants we provide a huge selection of the latest computer technologies from Desktop PC’s, laptops, tablets, all in ones to thin clients. Being partnered with so many top IT hardware suppliers means we’re able to give you a cost effective solution every time you buy from us.

Network - IT Hardware


Computer networks can often be overlooked but they’re essential for most businesses to function, if you’ve got a poor network then it can cause lots of unforeseen problems and headaches. A network provides key roles within the business such as improving security, exchanging data, resource sharing, increasing storage capacity and many others.

We’re able to offer the most suitable networking solution based on your requirements, our goal is to aid your business in improving security, increasing productivity and cutting business costs.

If you’re unsure of what you need then speak to a team member as we can offer advice on which firewall, switch or router would be the best for your situation.

Storage - IT Hardware

Data Storage

Data is something every company has but it’s use depends on how it’s stored. Data scattered between many locations will make your tasks become time consuming and frustrating, the same goes for data that’s susceptible to loss.

There’s various options to choose from when it comes to storing data, each has their own benefits so it’s essential to find the most-suitable for your business. Solution Consultants are proud to offer a wide range of data solutions, reliable back ups, protection and consolidation.

Storage requirements will be unique to each company so it’s best to speak with one of our staff members if you have any questions regarding data storage.

Printer - IT Hardware

Peripherals, Equipment and Consumables

For the most part, office equipment and consumables are generally the same wherever you buy them. We have a huge list of computer equipment and peripherals available, if you let us know what your requirements and budget are then we can offer a high quality and reliable product.

Some of the products that we can offer are:
Business laser / InkJet and Multi-Function Printers
Ink cartridges
Keyboards & Mice
Carry cases
Computer memory & storage
CD/DVD Drives
AV Cables / Network cables
And many more…