Flexible Working & Covid-19 Update

Flexible Working & Covid-19

We are all having to adapt to new ways of working in response to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Now, more than ever, technology is essential to you achieving your business goals.

As a supplier of IT & Telecoms solutions for businesses, Solution Consultants have the experience and knowledge to advise you on the wide range of technology that enables better flexible working.



Good internet connectivity is critical to ensuring home workers can operate effectively. As extra strain is put on home broadband as more users access it, there are many options available to minimise the impact. Solutions include:

  • Faster, business grade fibre broadband with higher levels of support
  • Niche connectivity solutions that enable better connectivity in areas where there is no local fibre provider
  • Mobile data solutions allowing home networks to be run off a 4G network
Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has fast become the industry standard for remote working and collaboration. Some of the main benefits of Microsoft Teams are:

  • Chat, share screens and collaborate on documents, one-to-one or in groups
  • Collaborate on group projects and share information easily
  • Video call internally and with other Teams users outside of your business
  • Check your colleagues availability

Remote Working

Remote working

There are a number of ways for home users to access the company network remotely, these include:

  • VPN Software – if your home users need to access your company network from home, they will need to have a VPN set up, which may involve configuration on their home router
  • Remote Desktop – easy to setup, and works as if you were sat at your desk in the office, allowing home users to connect whilst benefitting from their work computers network security like firewalls, anti-virus etc.
  • Cloud Computing – Historically users would run programs from their physical PC or from a server in their building managed by their IT department – Cloud Services means storing and accessing both data and programs over the internet instead. The end result is exactly the same, with an online connection cloud computing can be done anywhere at anytime.


During the initial phase of lockdown, many businesses who were still using on-premise phone systems discovered the limitations of this technology from a flexible working perspective. If your business still uses an on-premise system, now is definitely the time to look at what a cloud-based VoIP system could do for your business. Benefits include:

  • Mobile integration
  • Flexibility
  • Cost Savings
  • Future-proofed solutions



Mobile communication will continue to be essential to businesses. With many users continuing to be home based, now is the time to check you have the right package for your needs. Solution Consultants can help in the following areas:

  • Flexible tariffs and contracts
  • Proactive monitoring to ensure you remain on the right package
  • Choice of network to suit all users


It is important that your employees have the right equipment for the job. Solution Consultants provide a wide range of hardware including laptops, tablets, and monitors from suppliers like HP, Dell, and Lenovo.

Solution Consultants can provide all of these essential services for you, managed by a single support team, with web portal access to monitor your usage and spend.

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