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It’s that time again – looking into your suppliers, do you find it a minefield of choices?

In today’s world we have a wealth of information and contacts at our fingertips through the Worldwide Web – but what do we need to do with that information before we can assure it is safe for our business? Here we look at some key points that you should be looking for before you choose your preferred supplier.

Firstly, do you know what your company needs are? And does your current solution deliver this? This is a very important question. Many companies are not aware of the many choices available to them to enhance their company’s performance – some people don’t want to think about it. Whichever side of the fence you sit on, this is a question you must ask yourself before undertaking the next step.Businessman and questions

Once you have decided on what you need for your company whether that’s a like for like solution or a full audit it is essential that you create a shortlist of potential suppliers – there are numerous ways to find this information for example:

1.       Trade Directories

2.       Trade Exhibitions

3.       Trade Press

4.       Google Searches

5.       Recommendations and Word of mouth (our favourite)

It is very important to remember that just because a company has a great website or a fantastic exhibition presence or even because word of mouth tells you how great that company is……..they might not be right for your company’s needs.

Once you have your shortlist you will need to approach them with a clear brief of what you require, when you have your responses you can use this to manage the next process.

It is important to meet with the companies you shortlist where possible, never underestimate the power of first impressions – if it doesn’t feel right chances are the outcome won’t be what you need. It is also important to know if the supplier uses subcontractors – if they do you may want to assess these too.

We have found that these are the main key characteristics you should look for when making your supplier choice:

1.       Strong Service and Clear Communication.

From the very first communication with the company you should be able to gauge how strong the service is that you would receive. If the company takes weeks to respond to your original contact then chances are this is what you can expect in the future. For some companies this isn’t an issue – for many not receiving rapid response is a deal breaker.

2.       Quality and reliability

Both need to be consistent – Period.

3.       Speed and Flexibility

Changes happen quickly in todays business world – with this in mind you need a supplier that can work within immediate time scales and be as flexible as possible. Its not outrageous to expect 24/7 support for your company as long as you are clear about it from the first communication. Support sign button on keyboard with soft focus

4.       Value for money

As we know price is not always king but it is always a factor, that’s life. In our experience, as long as everyone is realistic about expectations you should be able to receive the best solution and service without compromise.

Here at Solution Consultants we pride ourselves on our service from the very first communication. We have a strong referral community and our success is based on this ethos – we give a no-fuss guarantee that we can fulfil all your business Telecoms, IT and Utility needs whilst providing unrivalled customer service – That’s a promise we know we can keep.

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