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When running a business no matter how large or small, we all know that outgoing costs can make or break you. For many outgoings we have a clear indicator of how much things are going to cost through either PAYE, purchase orders etc, but how do we know just how much money we lose from everyday inefficiency of the telecoms and technology we have chosen to run our company with?

We have put together some top ‘money wasters’ that quite frankly are just taken as everyday life but can cost thousands!

Telephone system inefficiency:

Ah probably the most over looked issue of all in today’s technology world – however your phone system is your customers first entry point into your business. Front of house lines are probably the most important, we have to assess how many lines there are coming into the business (excluding personal desk phones) Are there enough lines or too many for the amount of people you have available to answer? Are people kept on hold because you have too many lines being answered at the same time? Are calls being dropped because people are not sure how to transfer efficiently or message mailboxes are full or inactive? it’s a minefield of issues – however if you have a system that is perfectly designed to suit your business needs then this need not be a cost issue.

Broadband Drop:

Thankfully large outages for big companies are rare, however they do happen. Earlier in 2016 a huge outage in the UK from a major provider cost businesses countrywide tens of millions of pounds and loss in customers for just a few hours outage – that’s huge! Its issues like this that hammer home how important it is to have a ‘failsafe’ no matter what size your business is. There are many options available to all companies which provide piece of mind that if something goes wrong with your connection then business can run as usual.

Which leads me nicely into my next problem………………

Troubleshooting and problem tracing:

So your broadband just went down and you have no IT department (eek) and no failsafe – que mass office panic – or in some cases feet up and enjoy the rest……… either case this has huge cost implications if you don’t have someone in place to work quickly to rectify the situation. Sometimes the solution is as easy as rebooting all your hardware, sometimes it means waiting in lengthy queues to get through to your service provider to try and figure out the problem – all the time this is costing your company money as the minutes tick away. Wouldn’t it be so easy just to have one number to call and get the troubleshooting underway within minutes?

Supplier and contract administration:

One word…..headache! When you are running a business, you want to do exactly that… it and make money, why then would you think that talking hours on the phone to suppliers and setting up contracts is productive? All the time you take out to check contract end dates, shop around for the best supplier is costing your company valuable time and money let alone a massive waste of time when there are companies out there who are paid to do just that. To minimise the time ‘wasted’ on such tasks each year why not do it once and find the company who will take this headache away from you.


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