The Customer:

BEMs are an independent company specialising in Building Energy Management and Automatic Control Systems. They use a range of manufacturers products to provide modern, efficient and user-friendly building energy management systems, their level of service is personal, and the business has the capacity and incumbent capability to deliver large and small projects, maintenance, energy and integration.

More information on the services BEMs provide can be found on their website:

The Challenge:

BEMs have been a Solution Consultants customer for a number of years, using our VOIP solution, along with internet connectivity. BEMS had traditionally used Vodafone for their company mobile account. They found it challenging staying on top of the monthly bills, understanding what they were paying for, and what tariff was right for them. The Vodafone online portal was difficult to navigate through, meaning each month a large amount of time was taken up reporting on the mobile costs. BEMs also found it difficult to spot possible bill shock scenarios, as high usage and spend was not flagged during the month. BEMs would only become aware of this once the bill had been issued, not allowing them to react to any changes in usage.

Solution Consultants were invited to tender for the contract in November 2019. Our review of current costs established BEMs were paying for a large data allowance on a monthly basis, which was not required. Our analysis also highlighted users who were no longer needed, helping to reduce further costs.

The Solution:

Solution Consultants provided BEMs with a cost saving tariff, giving BEMs an appropriate shared bundle of data at a reduced cost.

In addition to cost savings, Solution Consultants provided BEMs with our unique web portal allowing them to stay on top of costs during the month. The web portal also gives BEMs self-care functionality, allowing them to add and remove bars where necessary, and carry out sim swaps.

The combination of cost savings realised through a proposal based on BEMs actual requirements, and an improved service experience, meant it was an easy decision for BEMs to move to Solution Consultants.

The Results:

Solution Consultants provided a seamless migration from Vodafone, with users unaffected during the process. BEMs now enjoy a significantly lower mobile cost per month, and our web portal has made day to day management of the mobile estate an easy process. BEMs have found that reducing the number of suppliers has made ongoing management of their telecoms estate easier.

The Future:

Solution Consultants will continue to support BEMs across our wide range of services. Future projects include supporting BEMs in migrating their Office 365 accounts, making this easier to manage and reducing further costs.