What are the main advantages of our clients using our bespoke billing system?

The main advantages to using our billing system is that it is tailored specifically to the challenges of the management of multivendor products and services use.
Multiple services, such as mobile, hosted phone systems, lease line and broadband can be managed through a single monthly bill and looked after by our team of specialists through a single point of contact. Most clients using multiple services such as the above mentioned will face the ongoing issues of multiple bills and multiple contact points, these suppliers have no knowledge of the products or services used outside of their immediate supply channel therefore multi-platform service and support is fragmented, if indeed nonexistent.
Products which form part of a solution, otherwise typically purchased outright and therefore becoming a balance sheet asset can be purchased through Solutions Consultants and paid for over set periods of time through monthly billing. This change in purchasing method shifts the cost to the profit and loss account thus improving the management of cash flow and assets in the business as there are no write off values or upfront payments to consider, just monthly costs.

What makes a good billing system?

Solution Consultants! Our research shows that less than 10% of mobile users are on the correct size data bundle and are often tied into long term commitment of over payment or inaccurate billing. Our system enables ourselves and our clients to solve this challenge and fully understand tariffs selected with continual management, monitoring and customised alerts minimising “bill shock” which in itself takes unnecessary time to resolve. This is achieved through 24/7 client access to our Mobile Self-Care Web Portal.

What are the main business outcomes of clients using our bespoke billing system for mobiles?

Monthly billing, in particular mobile, is a complex task. Bundles, management and staff hierarchy and other groupings provide complexities not faced in the fixed line arena and can often lead to inaccurate billing details. On average, our clients increase savings by 10-15% when moving to Solution Consultants billing platform. The breath of functionality capability of our billing system means our clients can manage their full multi services and product sets within a single software suite and maximize asset and usage management throughout by increased accuracy and improved knowledge and visibility of the asset estate therefore reducing overall business costs.

What are the unique points to our billing system?

Solution Consultants is a single stop billing solution that can support our clients from early onboarding through to multi-vendor, multi service and multi product use. As your requirements grow in both services and product sets so does our billing system which removes the need to select new suppliers, build new commercial relationships or purchase outright as product and service use grows which can be disruptive, time consuming and painful.

How important is fraud detection in your systems and how do you implement it?

Hugely important. Key with fraud or misuse detection is the early identification. Our billing systems automated CDR processing capabilities mean the billing system can collect and process data as soon as it becomes available. Solution Consultants fraud functionality is fully automated and there is no need for human intervention.

What impending challenges will be faced by 5G?

5G will see a further shift towards more data usage and a continued decline in voice minutes used. Mobile suppliers will need to offer flexible and scalable options to meet client needs where the client can retain complete control and visibility of spend. Solution Consultants anticipates that capabilities we have introduced for flexible mobile bundling will play an increased role in supporting 5G tariff options. The continued shift away from voice minutes will also see typical mobile suppliers offering more packaged solutions and being less reliant on call tariff flexibility. Our billing system ensures complete billing analysis and reconciliation tools continue to evolve to ensure our clients have the capabilities to stay on top of these challenges.