IT Teams have been overwhelmed in the “New Reality” of working. 66% reported support requests increased by 39% or more.

Top Support requests:

  • 74% VPN issues
  • 56% video conferencing
  • 48% bandwidth issues
  • 47% password resets
  • 47% messaging issues
  • 45% file/data access problems
  • 45% new hardware requests

Home Office Security Threats

  • Access to company data/assets outside company network
  • Home Wi-Fi vulnerabilities
  • Higher chance of using other devices (BYOD)
    • Unknown security state of devices
  • VPN connection practice may not be consistent

How do we reduce these issues

Embrace the “never trust, always verify” approach to security that uses multiple levels of protection to prevent threats.

Use Cloud-delivered security so users can work freely from the office, at home or on the go.

Invest in User-Focused Security that will enable the below at less money than you think per user per month

  1. User authentication – Identity is critical, use common groups, enable a deny by default approach (Zero trust)
  2. Always-On Protection – World has changed since Covid, always protected wherever you work including, Endpoint, Network & cloud.
  3. Immediate response- Single technology platform for visibility of policy, framework, Tenants & licensing management

Please get in touch to how we approach/implement the above to making your security secure and safe in the “New Reality” of working.