Water in hands

How you can now buy from April 2017

  1. Your local water company still gets clean fresh water to your business and takes waste water away
  2. You now buy through a retailer who manages billing, payments and other customer services
  3. You as a Business can choose your water retailer and benefit from better tariffs, contacts or services, and get help to be more efficient

Benefits for your Business

If you are a business in England, the way you buy your water from April 2017 will change and will follow a similar format to how you purchase your energy – wholesalers will sell water and wastewater services to retailers. You can then choose which retailer you want to supply you. The retailer will issue your bill and some retailers will also provide additional services to help you reduce your water costs and be more water efficient. If you have sites in several wholesale regions you will currently be receiving numerous bills to administer and process. The open water market allows you to choose a single national retailer for your water so you can cut that down to just a single bill, presented neatly to your finance department. The retailer will resolve queries with the various wholesalers removing the problem from you.

How you will save

Competition in the water market will mean there are a variety of tariffs to choose from, but the margins are not massive so you will not see big discounts. There will be however variations based on a number of factors including your water usage, the number of sites you’re billed for, as well as different wholesalers individual pricing structures, so there will be opportunities to save money on your water bills.

The changes in the market like energy will bring increased innovation and investment in encouraging water efficiency. As well as reducing actual cost of the water you use, you can also save money by using water more efficiently and using less water.

What is needed to switch?

A copy bill of each site, which shows consumption for Water and Waste, your current accounts with wholesalers. We can then go to the market for you and evaluate like we do in the Energy Market.