Microsoft Office 365 january updates

Here at Solution Consultants, we like to keep an eye on what’s happening in the world of Microsoft, and Office 365 will be undergoing some really exciting updates in the month ahead. Primarily focused on improving the overall product and enhancing the user experience, these could make a real difference to both what you can do, and how simple and straightforward this is to achieve. 

Let’s take a look at what we can expect… 

1: Whiteboard 

5 December 2017 saw the unveiling of the Whiteboard Preview app, and January heralds its official introduction to the Office Store. A freeform digital canvas, this tool is meant to enhance your collaborative abilities, so that teams can ideate, iterate, and engage both in-person and remotely. Providing a limitless surface, it makes it super easy to create everything from tables to diagrams and flowcharts, which are automatically saved for future reference. 

2: PowerPoint 

There have also been some important changes made to the PowerPoint feature. Although the ability to export presentations to HD videos has existed for a while, you can now create a 4K ultra high definition version of this, so that what you’ve produced will look great on any and all monitors. This means that when you choose to share, your customers will see your ideas presented to them in their full technicolour glory. 

3: Sway 

Another big update is the improvement made to Sway. Microsoft’s digital storytelling app, Sway allows users to produce highly professional presentations that they can easily release onto the internet, and now its user interface has had an overhaul. Making it much simpler to create and preview your content, it has two new tabs integrated: ‘storyline’ and ‘design’. The effect is a product with an even greater utility than it possessed before. 

4: Yammer 

It doesn’t stop there, Yammer has also experienced a welcome update. With new reporting features released, Microsoft has made it much easier for community managers to analyse the activity going on in their Yammer groups. Anyone in your network can now make use of the usage metrics formerly found in the admin centre, so that individuals can see how many members and non-members are active, the number posting, reading, and liking messages, and trends in activity. This makes it far easier to assess engagement so that campaigns or initiatives hosted through the platform can have their effect optimised. 

5: OneDrive 

You might be excited to learn that OneDrive has also undergone an update. Following Microsoft’s recent introduction of a secure external file sharing experience, it has built upon its efforts by introducing time-limited, single-use verification codes, which accompany email messages sent to outside recipients. This ensures improved protection for any files and folders sent. 

6: eDiscovery 

In addition to the above, recent enhancements have been made to Advanced eDiscovery – a feature that helps to ensure the proper protection and handling of employee and customer data. This new content import capability means that documents from outside of Office 365 can be uploaded and analysed so that entities can manage compliance-related content across their organisation. 

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