IT connectivity is a vital part of all businesses. Numerous applications run off the back of it. We work with most wholesale data providers across the UK and Internationally, with all connectivity options, managed 24/7 days a week.

Network Monitoring

With our Network monitoring software we’ll be able to keep tabs on your business critical network devices to give you piece of mind. Our software allows us to see in real-time what’s happening on your network so if any problems did occur we can proactively deal with them to ensure you a fast resolution.

If you’re having problems with a slow network we’re able to track bandwidth usage and saturation down to the port level. Monitor I/O performance, check for packet loss, and be the first to know if a critical port goes offline.

It’s not just switches and routers that we’re able to monitor, it’s printers, security cameras, servers and pretty much any other IP-enabled device.


IT Services - Connectivity

Our services include:-

  • Data Provisioning & 24/7 management
  • Ethernet Connectivity (Leased Lines)
  • GEA (20:20 Fibre Leased lines)
  • EFM (Ethernet to the first mile)
  • High speed business broadband
      • FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) 80:20 Unlimited services
      • ADSL2+ Business Broadband Unlimited services
      • ADSL Max Business Broadband Unlimited service
  • Improve business broadband performance with line bonding
  • Internet Security