Finding a brand-new Computer system is very easy and accessible with the various number of retailers, in 2016 alone the annual shipment of PC systems sold globally totalled 269.7 Million. This is great for retailers, but not the most cost effective for small or large businesses that don’t wish to spend large amounts on replacement equipment. Over a period, computers performance decreases, Old systems may even reach the stage where it can no longer operate safely and be prone to a fatal system error which will cause the system to display a stop error which is commonly known as a Blue Screen of Death.


All the above will have a negative impact on productivity in the business, if a System was to get to this stage many would at this point throw the system out and this is where solution consultants step in. Stop don’t throw away that system we can bring it back to life!
One of our customers were experiencing an issue with one of their computers and they wanted to replace it with a new system, at this point we informed our customer that rebuilding the computer may save money and time which the customer was pleased to hear. When we got the system in as expected it was crashing after being giving basic instructions. We checked the hardware and never found a fault, which meant that it was a problem with the software.

After finding out that the Operating system was not cooperating we then decided to re-install the OS on to the pc which would restore it to factory settings, this meant firstly backing up all data and licence keys on the system. Once the data had been backed up we then proceeded to re-install the operating system after completing the install we then made sure all drivers were up to date with the systems hardware. Lastly restored all data previously backed up also re-installed and activated the necessary programs.

After this procedure the computer ran as if it was a brand-new system, news which the customer was delighted. So next time you think about throwing that old system away think Solution Consultants. If this could be something that would be of interest to your business then please get in touch with us, any queries can be sent to sales@solutionconsultants.co.uk or you can call us anytime.