E-mail Message

It can be hard managing your e-mail signatures, this is made even harder if you have people who work remotely or use their phones to send e-mails.

If you’ve ever tried making changes to your companies e-mail signature then you know how tedious it can be trying to enforce those changes, you’d need to go around to every single computer making sure that you’ve made it exactly as the others, setting up the hyperlinks and ensuring they have the correct phone numbers.

This is a process that can take time and even after all that hard work trying to keep the signatures uniform there will still be colleagues who have the wrong numbers, e-mail or they’ll have the classic “Sent from my smartphone” at the end.

Luckily there’s a simpler way, Exclaimer have brought out a smart bit of software that takes the hassle out of managing your companies e-mail signatures. Their Office 365 version is hosted in the cloud so you don’t require any additional hardware, this means you can manage your signatures from anywhere. There are other versions available though for those who have an on-premise server.

The software comes with professionally made templates to help you get started or you can design it from scratch which is made easy with the intuitive UI and the bundles of guides that Exclaimer have written for the product. If you purchase Exclaimer through us then it will be made even easier as we’ll manage the signature for you, send us any pictures or design changes that you’d like and we’ll do it for you.

Exclaimer can be used in many ways to help benefit you, your clients and increase your advertisement exposure. One ability that it has is to allow you to set certain signatures between two specified dates, meaning you can add an extra banner on your e-mails informing your customers of any upcoming events, sales or promotions.

No need to worry about your e-mail security, signatures for Office 365 is hosted within Microsoft datacentres along with your Office 365 subscription. The service is built with the highest levels of security and control in place and has achieved the ISO 27001:2013 certification for Information Security Management. The ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized best practice framework for an information security management system and requires rigorous auditing before it can be achieved.

We’re able to offer the Office 365 version of Exclaimer for £1 a user per month so if this is something you’d like to hear more about then please get in contact with our sales team by e-mailing sales@solutionconsultants.co.uk.