Office 365

When it comes to purchasing Office 365, there can be trouble deciding which package would suit your business best. Most businesses will need the Microsoft Office applications for documenting, and others will need Exchange to manage company emails. For smaller businesses, there are 3 different packages for Office 365 that can suit the needs of an individual business.

Small and Medium Business Packages

These packages below are typically for small or medium sized businesses that have less than 300 employees. The range of packages is similar to those that a large business would have, but at a reduced price with slightly different features.

Office 365 Business Premium gives a user full access to all Office 365 applications, as well as giving them a business email. This package is the combination of the Essentials and the Business package, so typically this will be given to a user that will need to make business emails, or to edit Office documents.

Office 365 Business is a package that has the Microsoft Office applications, but doesn’t come complete with the Business email. This would be a suitable package for a user that has no need for an email in the business, or if they already have a hosted email. On top of this, the user will still have access OneDrive, and will be able to use the applications on other devices under the same license.

The Office 365 Business Essentials package gives the user access to the business email and communication parts of Office 365 but doesn’t offer any of the applications to create Office documents. This would be useful for someone who doesn’t need to edit documents, and only needs email access.

Enterprise Packages

For a larger business with over 300 employees, you will have to purchase the Office 365 Enterprise packages.

Enterprise is for large businesses and have the availability of 4 packages. There is the Office 365 ProPlus which is like the “Office 365 Business” suite, where it includes all Microsoft Office applications, but doesn’t come with a business email. Unlike the Essentials and Premium package, there is no limit to the amount of licenses you can purchase.

Enterprise 365 E1 is the business services email package, where no Office applications are included. This is for those in the business that are more focused around making and replying to emails, rather than creating things in the Office Suite. On top of this, the package also includes Yammer – a type of business internal social networking service to communicate with others in the business.

Enterprise 365 E3 is similar to the Business Premium package, which has all the features of Enterprise E1’s email capabilities, as well as all the office application. Included as extra is data loss prevention, security and compliance tools, and even legal tools for litigation purposes.

Enterprise 365 E5 has all the features of Enterprise 365 E3, but included with this package has Power BI Pro – A business analytics tool that is used to analyse data for said business. On top of this, the package includes advanced computer security to ensure the user’s data is secure.