Case Studies

Energy Markets 2017

Energy Market Outlook for Q3 2018

The recent spike in the price of oil and the knock-on effect on gas and electricity costs served as another reminder of just how volatile commodity energy costs can be. Oil prices have increased 60% in the last year alone due to a rise in demand and restricted supply by the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). In May this year, oil prices spiked to over $80 a barrel for the first time in almost four years, largely due to President Trump’s decision to reintroduce sanctions against Iranian oil. Meanwhile, the economic and political crisis in Venezuela – a […]

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World Traveller Select - Mobile roaming tariff changes

Changes to Vodafone & O2 World Traveller Select – Mobile Roaming Tariffs

What is World Traveller Select? If you roam often, you are probably already familiar with the World Traveller Select (WTS) service; a service that has been built into some of the Vodafone & O2 tariffs that we have built to make roaming in numerous countries, cheaper. World Traveller Select is a service that charges a mobile user £5 per day for everyday that the mobile is used in a country that is covered by WTS. Once the charge has been activated, all the usage for the rest of that day is taken out of your UK allowance.   What changes […]

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IT Disaster Recovery

What is an IT disaster recovery plan?

What is an IT disaster recovery plan? The purpose of an IT disaster recovery plan is to prepare your business in the event of service outages caused by factors beyond your control. This could be anything from a serious, local problem with your IT to a natural disaster or a man-made event like a terrorist attack. A disaster recovery plan provides the steps to take to restore services to the widest extent possible in a minimum time frame. We are all increasingly dependent on technology, so the first step is to identify which areas are priorities. We use technology for […]

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Microsoft announces new apps for business managers

Microsoft has just made a big announcement about a range of new tools and apps, released to help organisations grow their business. The business apps are Microsoft Connections which manages marketing outreach, Microsoft Listings which handles online presence, Microsoft Invoicing which deals with billing, and the Office 365 Business Centre, which brings together data from a number of these services. These all sit within Microsoft 365 Business and Office 365 Business Premium packages and are currently available for use in the UK and North America. Each of these new tools is part of Microsofts attempts to help business owners and […]

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New Office 365 features – November 2017

Whether you are using a Windows desktop or iOS, there are plenty of great new features in November updates of Office 365 to help you achieve your goals. Translate text faster and more easily For those working in Microsoft Word on a Windows desktop, Microsoft Translator is now able to translate full documents or smaller blocks of text at the click of a button. With 60 languages available, translation needs can be attended to in the programme tool itself, with no need to switch between a translation programme and the document being worked on. Enhanced security features Office 365 is […]

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SIM Only deal

Business Mobile Sim Only Tariffs

Solution Consultants continues to support our clients with our Mobile Business Sim only tariffs. Our entire range of outstanding SIM only options means no complicated schemes for funding hardware and accessories. In addition to reducing ongoing risk, this means that you are not tied in to 24-month contracts. With our tariffs starting from 30 day’s only notice, if you decided to change. Just simple easy to understand pricing on easy to understand billing, managed and delivered 24/7 by Solution Consultants. In the summer we released a completely refreshed version of our proposition, which has been made available on both Vodafone […]

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What is mobile device management?

Mobile devices are a huge part of everyday life for personal use however they’re being used more and more by businesses, they can provide a lot of benefits to help improve customer service, collaboration and remote working. Most companies have policies in place already on what their users can use their mobile devices for, however the line between personal and business use can become blurred; especially if you’re expected to have your work e-mail address on your mobile or your company operates a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. The reason this poses such a risk is that personal devices […]

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Black Cygnet

Black Cygnet Properties Ltd – Case Study

The Customer: Black Cygnet is a different kind of property business. Not only do James and Richard provide a highly personal service –  investing their time to create the best possible outcome for homebuyers and sellers – they will also invest financially in property to increase the return when sold. This could range from acquiring planning permission to building a new dwelling. Most agents can offer advice on development; however Black Cygnet will make it happen too, thanks to investment from substantial financial backing. More than just an estate agent, Black Cygnet are an agile end-to-end partner. They are in […]

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