Black Cygnet

The Customer:

Black Cygnet is a different kind of property business. Not only do James and Richard provide a highly personal service –  investing their time to create the best possible outcome for homebuyers and sellers – they will also invest financially in property to increase the return when sold. This could range from acquiring planning permission to building a new dwelling. Most agents can offer advice on development; however Black Cygnet will make it happen too, thanks to investment from substantial financial backing.

More than just an estate agent, Black Cygnet are an agile end-to-end partner. They are in it for the long term – someone you turn to every time you consider buying or selling.

The Challenge:

Black Cygnet were moving into a new office which means it required a lot of work before we could get them operational. They required Desk phones, mobile phones, network cabling as well as hardware and software. Due to the range of services required this usually can become a lengthy process as you’d need to schedule this with a few different companies, they may also need to work together on the install such as the broadband engineer and the phone engineer which can complicate matters even further.

The staff at Black Cygnet will be out on the move quite frequently, they needed laptops that would be light enough to carry around as well as protective cases to ensure they’re not damaged during transit. To ensure they’re able to continue working while not in the office they’ll predominately be using software hosted in the cloud.

The Solution:

We provided Black Cygnet with high spec laptops that were light weight as well as some carrying cases for the laptops to reduce the chance of any damage when travelling between sites.

As they’d be travelling in and out of the office they wanted the transition to be as smooth as possible, we decided on getting them a docking station – this allowed them to have two screens plugged into it and an ethernet cable at all times so when they come back into the office it’s just a case of plugging the USB into the laptop to get everything connected.

There wasn’t any existing servers or hardware to work with and due to them being out of the office for long periods of time, we decided that the cloud route would be the best way to go for Black Cygnet. We set them up with a subscription to Microsoft Office 365 since it gives them a robust cloud solution for their e-mails as well as giving them the latest version of Microsoft Office with some added benefits such as OneDrive and SharePoint.

They also opted to include one of our anti-spam services to ensure that they’re not going to receive any malicious files or spam e-mails. In addition to this they signed up for our e-mail signature solution which allows us to manage, edit and apply it from one centrally managed console which takes all the hassle out of e-mail signatures.

We went with the cloud route for their phones as well, we put them on our HVS VoIP platform. We got the handsets delivered to our office before we were scheduled to go to site so that we could get everything configured before the visit to save the customer time. HVS has a range of features, some of them include: direct dials, auto attendant, DR Plan, call redirect, out of hours redirect, phone director, hold music, voicemail, DND.

The Results:

On the day we went to site, we brought all the equipment needed and brought it into the office, first thing we had to do was to connect the router to insure they had internet and then we plugged a switch into it for their other devices. From there we had to lay cables going from the switch to around the office, the cables went up the walls and around the ceiling but they were all covered with cable trunking so that they’re protected and it makes it more aesthetically pleasing.

Once wired up we setup each of their workstations, this included a monitor, keyboard, mouse, phones and connected it all up to their docking stations we provided. This is a smart way of working for anyone who’s planning on using a laptop as their main machine since it allows them to effortlessly connect to all their devices as soon as they get into the office.

After setting up the workstations we connected the printer and added them to the laptops then proceeded to test print to make sure it’s working.

The Future:

Solution Consultants will continue to support Black Cygnet with any of their issues that arise during their daily operations, this can include pretty much any issue computer related such as loss of connectivity, slowness or computer crashes.

We also manage their Office 365 subscription meaning we’ll continue to support them with any e-mail related issues they come across such as bounce backs or e-mail not updating. We’ll also assist with the creation of any new e-mail addresses, aliases, distribution groups etc.

Thanks to having a range of suppliers for both software and hardware, it allows us to be versatile in what we can offer our customer, it also means we’d be able to assist with any customers needs that may arise.