Microsoft Azure Virtualisation

Microsoft Azure – Iaas:

Many companies these days rely heavily on computer applications that requires on-site computing for their day to day operations. Imagine implementing a new piece of software to your company that requires you to have its own server. Now you need to find and order one that meets the requirements, organise and pay to have it stored at a data centre as well as paying for someone to set all of this up and then there’s the additional fees of maintaining the hardware if it fails.

With Microsoft Azure you could have all that hassle replaced, it will not only speed up the whole process but it will make managing it a lot easier. With Azure all you need to do is select the spec of the server and the operating system and you can have a virtual machine online with-in 15 minutes. Not only is this saving time but it will save money as well, with Azure you don’t have to pay for any of the fees associated with having a physical machine such as electricity, air conditioning, hardware replacements.

Microsoft Azure is billed monthly which makes it very appealing and economical for new start-ups to small and medium sized businesses as this means they don’t have to fork out the upfront server cost fees which can be thousands of pounds.

The great thing about having a virtual machine over a physical one is that if you ever want to upgrade any parts instead of taking a trip to the data centre you can log into your Microsoft Azure account and edit the virtual machine to add more RAM, HDD space, Processing power – anything you’d need.

As this process is so fast and easy it allows you to respond more quickly to shifting business conditions, it could be a website or an application; if you’re expecting more demand over a period of time such as the school holidays; then you can quickly upscale your resources for a duration and lower them back to reduce the cost once business is back to normal.

Microsoft Azure is also a smart choice if you have any business-critical computers that need to be on online for your business to run, Azure keeps copies of all your data in multiple locations so that even if there was a catastrophic failure at the primary location it wouldn’t affect your users accessing your data.

There are several reasons why you might choose Azure over a physical server, one of them being that Microsoft Azure has taken the heavy lifting out of compliancy, currently they’re complaint with HIPAA, DPAs, FISMA and ISO 27001 as well as ISO 27018 just to name a few (You can find a full list at: They’re also currently working on becoming GDPR complaint for the deadline in May next year.

There’s a variety of ways that Microsoft Azure could benefit your company for developers they’re able to quickly deploy and scale their test environments making it quicker to get apps to the market. Bug testers can create an isolated virtual machine to ensure that they don’t break anything in the production environment. It can be extremely useful for providing an economical way to put together large clusters of computers for things that require a lot of processing power for big data analysis.

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