Did you know UK organisations that are already investing in AI are currently doing 5% better on factors like productivity, performance and business outcomes than those that are not?
That’s one of the key findings of Microsoft’s new report Maximising the AI opportunity, which you can download in full here

The in-depth study explores:
• Where UK organisations are on their AI journeys
• What the proliferation and acceleration of AI means for organisations across a variety of sectors
• How UK organisations can take an ethical approach to ensure their customers, partners and employees realise the positive benefits AI offers.
We also offer practical guidance to you start, or accelerate, your own AI journeys and understand how your organisation can use it to optimise operations, engage customers, transform products, and empower employees in a way that is both effective and responsible.

As Microsoft UK COO, Clare Barclay, explains:
“AI will revolutionise our world. It will change how we work and how businesses succeed. If UK organisations are to thrive in the future, we have to evolve and embrace the application of AI. First, we have to make sure that AI is ethically grounded. Then, we have to help equip our employees for AI, so that they turn the challenges of innovation into an opportunity. AI has the potential to make our lives easier and more productive, it’s now up to us to get ready for the journey ahead.”

If you would like the chance to explore what these findings mean for your organisation and discuss how Microsoft may be able to assist you on your own AI journey please get in contact.